Free English Classes 

The heart and soul of what we do is offer FREE, year round, ESL courses. We are one of the largest organizations in Knoxville to offer ESL courses, tutoring, childcare and transportation... all FOR FREE. We do this because we believe that it is the key to a successful transition for our new neighbors. 



Adopt a Refugee Family ​

It is our hope to one day begin a program that would encourage churches and other organizations to "adopt" a refugee family. Refugees need so much assistance when they first arrive, just simply navigating a grocery store is difficult in a new country. But they also need a community and people to invite them over for dinner and to celebrate birthdays and holidays.

A Big Southern Welcome {Basket}

When the refugees find out that they are being moved from camp and relocated, they leave with nothing but the clothes on their back. It's not the way anyone wants to go on an international trip. So we like to welcome the refugees with a laundry basket full of basic essentials like eating utensils, towels, soap etc. 



Buy a Book, Change a Life 

Text books are expensive. They are impossible to afford for refugee's on an extremely limited budget yet they are essential for learning English! The majority of our shared books at the center are generic ESL books, not written with translations in the native tongue of our students. It is our dream to offer each of our students one of these treasured, translated text books.

Crock-Pot Cooking 

Our way of cooking is extremely foreign to many of the refugees being relocated to East Tennessee. Many have never seen a stove before, let alone cook with one. We found that crock pot cooking was very easy for them to learn and that they could prepare food that they enjoyed cooking with them. We are constantly collecting crockpots for this project.



Toddler Clothes Drive 

We began this clothing drive after many of our nursery workers noted that the refugee children were coming to school in damp clothes. When you don't have but one or two outfits and no dryer, there's hardly enough time for clothes to get dry between washing and wearing. We've had so much success with this project. The used clothes of children in our city are truly the treasure of the refugees that visit our center. This is an on-going project.